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Excellence in SERVICE

Janette L. Bingham Davis is a  Certified Public Accountant, Certified Business Advisor and a Licensed Financial Advisor.  Janette has over 20 years of experience as a Senior Executive in the Financial Services Industry in Corporate America, eight years in the banking industry in Jamaica and over 18 years as a Certified Public Accountant.  Janette understands the issues business owners and individuals face and she takes the time to work with each client individually to find personalized solutions to their accounting, taxes, tax resolution, management, financial, retirement and wealth planning needs.  Janette has been recognized by various organizations for her outstanding achievements as a leader who has contributed not only to her own success but to the promotion, development and achievement of women and minorities in the community.


Janette has been a service provider to M. Gill & Associates and its MBDA programs for many years.  During the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Janette worked with dozens of small, minority and women business clients of our MBDA programs, assisting them to pivot their operations, to file outstanding taxes so they could apply for SBA-related financing, and to restructure their financing in order to regain momentum during this crisis.  As a financial advisor, Janette is a frequent presenter on the Virtual Business Wednesday Webinars presented by our MBDA Programs.  Janette also serves on various community boards and is Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce.


We are pleased to present Janette Davis with the MEDWeek2022 Legacy Award for Excellence in Service. CONGRATULATIONS!

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