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William Porro

Director – Department of Human Services & Economic Initiatives
City Of Miami 

William Porro is currently helping to lead the charge with the Department of Human Services and Economic Initiatives consisting of over 80 amazing and talented employees whose dedicated work helps to enrich the lives of our residents and small businesses. He is an assertive and resourceful professional who has forged a measurable record of success in a series of increasingly responsible senior-level positions.
His extensive background in government, policy creation, financial empowerment strategies, and financial services reflects several common threads. At every juncture, he has demonstrated the ability to create what programs were needed such as a comprehensive city-wide strategy, meet business objectives and sustain vital, innovative strategies for everything from credit cards to insurance products to PC Banking. As a bilingual executive, he has succeeded with multi-national corporations in domestic and international markets in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Porro is renowned for his negotiating and team leadership skills, as well as his ability to persuade both internal and external clients. I interface effectively with people at all levels, from fellow decision makers and dignitaries to implementers. He has an extensive track record of “getting things done” both as a collaborator and independently, to implement goals. William Porro acts as the official liaison from the City of Miami to the MBDA programs operated by M. Gill & Associates.
On behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce – MBDA, we are proud to recognize the City of Miami and honor William Porro for his commitment and service in pursuit for community and economic development and as Outstanding MBDA Strategic Partner. CONGRATULATIONS! 

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