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To acquaintances, Amal McDonald is a Jamaican, constantly promotes Only The Best Printing, and is a die-hard fan of football and the Liverpool Football club. But to friends and family, Amal McDonald is described as an Authentic, Dedicated, Loyal, Honest, Generous, Reliable, Humble, and God-fearing man. He is proud to be Jamaican, and even prouder to be a Wolmerian (Alum of Wolmers Boys High School, Jamaica). In fact, he attributes much of who he has become to the unique learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom, he attained during his attendance at Wolmer’s Boys High School.

Amal eventually migrated to Florida in 1998 to attend The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. His talent was undeniable, as he was awarded “Best Portfolio” in his graduating class. These learning experiences coupled with the constant love and support of his mother, lit an entrepreneurial spirit that would later lead him to form his own company Prophetic Imaging Inc. in 2007. Amal continued to work with a variety of companies and organizations in the marketing industry, but especially in the field of print media. With the understanding that greater knowledge can bring greater success, Amal went on to pursue, and attain, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Kaplan University.

Still inspired by the Wolmer’s High Schools’ motto 'Age Quod Agis' (Whatever you do, do it well) and fueled by a wealth of knowledge and experience, Amal decided to expand his company. The expansion included a storefront location doing business as Only The Best Printing. For Amal, “Only The Best” Printing is not just a name, but the standard by which he conducts business. Amal works tirelessly to supply both large and small businesses and organizations with all their graphic design and printing needs, specializing in promotional items. Staying loyal to country, Amal purposely invests much of his time and talents to working with those within the Jamaica Diaspora, to showcase the cultural excellence of the land he loves most. Although Amal has a very busy schedule with a lot of deadlines to meet, he is devoted to his family and makes the time to spend with his wife Tracy and son Aaron.

From the very first opportunity we got to work with Prophetic Imaging, M. Gill & Associates was “hooked!” We found in this company all that is described above—and more. It is our pleasure to present this most important MEDWeek2022 Legacy Award for Excellence in Service to Amal and his company, Only The Best Printing, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS!

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