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Excellence in SERVICE

Cynthia Johnson is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, Family & County Mediator, Qualified Arbitrator, and Appraiser. She specializes in property damage appraisals, negotiations, and provides mediation assistance to resolve property damage claims and disputes.  Cynthia assists insurance carriers, property owners, community residents, contractors, and law firms specializing in property damage to resolve their disputes. 


Cynthia has over 16 years of experience in the insurance industry. Her career started as a frontline adjuster handling auto and property claims, which led her to field adjusting, and then managing a team of adjusters across seven southeastern states. She is an inquisitive investigator, well trained in the field, communicates comfortably at all levels, and is highly analytical.  She has strong communication skills that are critical in this arena and is eager to approach new challenges.  As corporate representative in numerous insurance mediations, Cynthia successfully negotiated settlements and mediations among first and third parties, at a rate of 85%, in lieu of further litigation and dispute.  Cynthia also served as a corporate representative in depositions and trials. As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, Family, & County  Mediator, Cynthia is a resource to the people, the community, and gets things done. Cynthia holds a BA in Political Science/Sociology from Colorado State University, and an MA degree from Ashford University.  She also has various Licenses and Certifications from the State of Florida Department of Financial Services.


Our MBDA Business Center is assisting Cynthia with financial investments and to expand her base of clientele to achieve growth. It is our pleasure to present Johnson Adjusting &  Mediation Services with the MEDWeek2022 Legacy Award for Excellence in Service. CONGRATULATIONS!

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