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Dorothy Brown-Alfaro has been a member of CSBE Association Inc since March  2019. Dorothy consistently advocates for changes in the construction industry for all small businesses. She has been front and center advocating to save Miami Dade AVIATION DEPARTMENT’s MCC-7 Program . Dorothy was successful in ensuring that benefits for small businesses were included in Miami Dade Aviation Department’s MCC-8-10 AND MCC-9-18.  She also advocated for changes in the Miami DADE County MCC-7040 and MCC-7360 Programs.


         Dorothy serves as the Chairperson of Miami Dade Aviation Department’s CSBE Prompt Payment Taskforce Team. She has been an exemplary advocate for “prompt payment in 14 calendar days” throughout the State of Florida.  Dorothy advocated for changes in Miami Dade County’s penalties that are applied to small businesses to be reduced from 20%, 40%, 60% back to 10%,20%, and 30%. Also, that “small businesses shall not be assessed any penalties on the first violation.”  She advocated that small businesses shall have input in Responsible Wages and Benefits in Miami Dade County and all counties in the State of Florida.  Dorothy believes strongly that business lives matter, and that  Industry Input creates positive changes in the construction industry.


An avid entrepreneur as well, Dorothy is the President of Jador International Corporation (JADOR), an electrical and telecommunications contractor in the State of Florida, providing electrical services since 1994. Dorothy holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, an MS degree in Industrial Engineering, and an MBA degree.  Dorothy has been in the electrical sector for 46 years.  For her exceptional services as an entrepreneur and advocate, we proudly present the MEDWeek2022 Legacy Award for Small & Minority Business Advocate to Dorothy Brown-Alfaro.  CONGRATULATIONS!

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