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Excellence in SERVICE

Grace Vernon is the founder and owner of Flowers by Grace. Grace has been in business in Miami Gardens, Florida for 27 years in the same location. Faced with being laid off from her fifteen-year career at then Southeast Bank, Grace decided not to seek re-employment but followed her passion and turned her hobby into a successful business—and has never looked back!


Since opening in 1995, Grace has been dedicated to her business and surrounding community. Her artistic floral arrangements communicate to all. She is committed to exceeding customer expectations. Grace has received several accolades for her work, in addition a having a loyal customer base including corporations, churches, government agencies, community organizations, and individuals who utilize her services for floral/gift arrangements for various personal occasions. Flowers by Grace’s mission is to provide creative floral arrangements, delivered on time. Grace constantly shares her time and service with community, friends, and family. It is her giving spirt that causes Flowers by Grace to thrive.    


Flowers by Grace has been the Florist for all M. Gill & Associates’ programs for almost as long as she has been in business, and we are very satisfied with her professionalism, creativity and great customer service.  We are very pleased to present the MEDWeek2022 Legacy Award for Excellence in Service to Flowers by Grace.  CONGRATULATIONS!  


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