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Ginny Mirabal joined the MIA’s Miscellaneous Construction Program (MCC) in September 1991 under the management of local prime contractors, currently under Magnum Construction Management (MCM).  The MIA’s MCC Program has been very instrumental in providing local small businesses with construction work opportunities since 1986, totaling over $300 Million, throughout all the County’s airports.


        For the past 31 years, Ginny has been extremely active in organizing and attending community outreach events throughout Miami-Dade County to promote this Program and to optimize the participation by the Miami Dade County’s local certified small business firms.  As the SBE Program Manager, she is responsible for all bid advertisements/bid solicitations and for recommending both local SBE/C trade set-aside contract measures, as well as DBE goal participation on all projects.  She organizes and provides educational trainings for all SBE/C’s, such as continuing education classes for State/Local licenses renewals—one of her most important duties. 


          With a background in Accounting, Ginny also manages all  budgets/payments/bookkeeping for the Program. Ginny states that serving as a board member to the Miami Dade County CSBE Advisory Board, appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for two years, has been a great honor for her, and she is very happy to have been one of the founding board members of the CSBE Association Inc., a local non-profit association dedicated to the advocacy of the small businesses under the leadership of her mentor, Mrs. Ismailia Rashid.  A great supporter of M. Gill & Associates and our MBDA Programs for many years, we are very pleased to present the MEDWeek2022 Legacy Award to Virginia (Ginny) as the Small Business Construction Advocate.  CONGRATULATIONS!

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